Jon Levy

Jon Levy is a behavior expert, consultant and keynote speaker best known for his work in the fields of Digital Strategy, Influence, and Social Experience.

Driven to understanding what affects social behavior and decision making, Jon’s experience spread into two fields:

Digital Strategy: With more than 15 years experience in the digital landscape, Jon has worked with countless brands and companies to support their efforts for consumer engagement, customer acquisition, and product development. Applying the latest research in neuroscience and behavior, proven best practices and trend watching, Jon has developed solutions that delight his clients and their customers alike.

Influence & Social Experience: In his quest to both expand his understanding of influence and bring extraordinary people together, Jon founded “Influencers”, a private community and dining experience for tastemakers and industry leaders. Members range across all industries from TV and movie actors, and Olympians, to executives at major companies and royalty. Influencers has received a fair share of media including stories in The New York TimesForbes and more. Combining years of experience running Influencers and research, Jon has developed a deep understanding in designing social experiences and creating influencer programs for brands.

In his free time, Jon works on outrageous projects. He spent a year traveling weekends to the world’s greatest events (Grand Prix, Art Basel, Sundance, Burning Man, Running of the Bulls, Cannes, etc.) and barely survived to tell the tale. Prior to that, taking control of his health and wellness, he was a before-and-after fitness model for a 90-day video training program. Other projects have included unscripted television, mobile apps, books and alcohol development, to name a few. As a by-product of his projects and travels, Jon has fostered a reputation for being one of the foremost experts on Adventure.

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