Jon Levy applies cutting edge research in neuroscience, psychology, behavioral economics, and anthropology to unlock the secrets of influence and give you indispensable insights into human behavior and decision-making.  Audiences have praised him as a transformational business speaker and “masterful communicator” that “takes abstract neuroscience and behavioral science ideas and makes them relatable to our everyday way of working.” 

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Known for rapid fire discussions that unlock creativity, reframe challenges and generate actionable solutions, Levy is earning stellar reviews from discerning audiences. His Influencers Model for Engagement, proven from his development of The Influencers Dinner and Salon, inspires fresh approaches to marketing, sales, innovation, PR, events, product design, customer relationships, building brand loyalty and virtually any business topic that involves influencing human behavior.

His in-depth study of the science of adventure, captured in his 2016 book, The 2 a.m. Principle, utilizes the latest research on peak human performance, neuroscience and psychology to help organizations and teams maximize success.

Known for asking the right questions, doing his research, and collaborative preparation with clients, Levy delivers presentations that are highly interactive and filled with fascinating content, unforgettable stories and tales from his many adventures. A natural problem solver, he frequently brainstorms with audiences about their individual or organizational challenges—empowering fresh new approaches and actionable takeaways. As one attendee raved, “We all walked away with a new sense of inspiration. We actually began looking at challenges differently.”


The Science of Adventure 


The Science of Adventure 


What makes us influential?

Formats: All talks are custom to the audience and the intended result. Based on our conversation we will select the concepts and develop an experience that is ideal for you.


Keynote vs. Fireside Chat

For a Keynote, Jon is the sole presenter. Meanwhile in a Fireside Chat, Jon is paired with an interviewer to make the experience feel more like a conversation. Questions can be scripted and provided by Jon/team.


Interactive vs. Standard

To make the experience as engaging as possible, especially over virtual platforms, topic-relevant activities and games can be added. These would demonstrate the ideas discussed while bringing them to life in a fun way. This could involve breakout rooms, game show experiences, or conversations, among other things. When time is a concern or the platform is limited in functionality, a more standard approach tends to work better. 



Custom experience

Although all talks are custom to you and your audience, an experience is a more involved process. Jon and his team at Influencers create an interactive experience e.g. game show, interactive story, or activity, that brings to life the goals and conversations that are important to the brand. These experiences can teach people about your cause (i.e. maternal mortality, wealth inequality, racial bias, etc.), your product (i.e. a financial literacy app, DNA testing kit, etc.), or even creativity. These are specially designed for the platform and create a memorable opportunity to connect with your participants.


Training Series

A series allows us to explore ideas in depth from session to session, learning to apply the concepts and bring them to life. I speak less and there is more coaching, so that people can practice applying the ideas and working through them.




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