Bringing Together The Most Influential People in Our Culture

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What started out as Jon Levy’s social experiment to bring together the most influential people in our culture, evolved into Influencer Dinners, the Manhattan dinner party where deals are made. The guests have included masters of industry and finance, media tycoons, tech titans and many others. Listen in as Jon share’s his lessons in human behavior, adventure and influence.


  • How being unpopular made Jon get interested in the dynamics of human behavior
  • The challenges of growing up with dyslexia
  • Leveraging our weakness to become disproportionately successful
  • The importance of understanding your capacity for discomfort
  • Creating a career without following a map
  • Why we’re free to create a future that is built on what inspires us
  • Learning to keep the challenges of past from becoming part of our future
  • Why the future that we believe we have creates our present experience
  • The importance of a goal that is big enough to lead to growth
  • Being deliberate about the people who influence your life
  • Inside the design of the the most influential dinner party in Manhattan
  • Leveraging neuroscience to influence people

Jon Levy is a behavior expert, consultant, writer and keynote speaker best known for his work in the fields of Influence and Social Experience.He has worked with countless brands and companies to support their efforts in consumer engagement, customer acquisition, and product development, by applying the latest behavioral research ranging from neuroscience and psychology to economics and biology.

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