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Influencers 007 | The Promise Of A Pencil

Welcome to Influencers!

I’m here with Adam. For those of you who were paying attention last week, there were a few critical hints. When he was traveling, he met a child who was quite poor. The child was asked if he could have anything, what he would have. The child said, “A pencil.” Adam is a New York Times bestselling author that achieved position two, which is absolutely incredible. If anybody were to play him in a Hollywood film, he would want Denzel Washington. The song that represents his life is Everything in its Right Place by Radiohead. Among the many other hints that he gave was that his last name is associated with a major brand that although there’s no relation, it’s a household name.

Then, the second interview is anonymous. If you can figure out who it is before we reveal it in the following podcast, you could win a coveted invitation to the Influencer Salon. Continue reading