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TIP 004 | New And Exciting

Welcome to Influencers!

For those of you who listened to the last episode, you know that we have Brian with us. The hints that were given were that Brian considers himself from Brooklyn, although he really isn’t. He became a percussionist after picking up a cheap set of bongos when he was a teenager. He and his band have produced an immense body of music that really stands a test of time. The Incredible Hulk would play him in a movie version of his life. The book that represents his life is Portnoy’s Complaint because it is the defining book of a young Jew. He went to many of the trials and tribulations of becoming a member of a successful band. He has a last name that is so long and so incredibly difficult to pronounce that no other percussionist could compete.

Then, the second interview is anonymous. If you can figure out who it is before we reveal it in the following podcast, you could win a coveted invitation to the Influencer Salon. Continue reading