“The areas of life that we tend to want to impact the most are the ones we are the least willing to talk about.”

We are consistently affected by the relationships we have and the people we surround ourselves with. But this can be taken to another level, where you can truly curate the people around you. Jon Levy does just that.

The creator of the Influencers Dinner decided to surround himself with the cream of the crop, people at the top of their industries, thought leaders, movers and shakers from every field. How? By inviting them to what is now one of the most exclusive dinners in the world.

In this episode, Jon talks about how important a sense of wonder is, and the value of removing yourself from your comfort zone. Get inspired to meet new people and create your own adventure with this week’s episode. Thanks for listening.

“We’re in an era now where the strange and unique is accepted and interesting”


Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Jon Levy’s background [03:30]
  • The story of designing a secret dining experience, The Influencers Dinner, with exceptional people [04:20]
  • The Influencers dinner has created relationships that have led to unique projects, deals, and synergies [09:00]
  • How to curate a group of people [17:20]
  • Goal is to remove people from their comfort zone [26:00]
  • Events focus on creating a sense of wonder, exclusivity, community, and tries to surprise and delight guests [28:30]
  • How connecting people empowers creation beyond what any individual can manage [32:15]
  • The art and value of being generosity [43:15]
  • Tips for how to get to know people without asking what they do [45:55]
  • Strong believer in intentionally putting yourself in uncomfortable situations [49:35]
  • Tips to get out of your comfort zone [50:15]
  • Creating an inspiring future by being inspired in the present [1:05:00]
  • And much more…

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