15 questions with Jon Levy

Crushed by a bull in Pamplona? This 36-year-old behavioral scientist and entrepreneur truly lives life to the limit. Get to know him better: via CNNTech There’s rarely a dull moment in Jon Levy’s life. But that’s largely by his own design. The 36-year-old entrepreneur is a behavioral scientist, focusing on understanding human influence and adventure. Seven years ago, he started an underground community called The Influencers, hosting small private dinners where guests cook and eatRead More…


Observer Article: New York Social Gadfly Jon Levy Haunts LA Influencers at Max Landis’ Halloween Party

Jon Levy is one of the most popular names in New York City — or, at least, according to the Jon Levy currently introducing himself to a stranger at a Halloween warehouse party in Los Angeles. Also, Levy says, statistically speaking, all Jon Levys in New York are pretty much the same person. He would know; he’s a scientist of human behaviour. Read the full article here.


Superhuman Entrepreneur Interview

Jon Levy – Lessons from Dinner with the World’s Top Influencers Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Jon Levy spends time with some of the top influencers in the world and has become a behaviour and adventure expert. (as well as a top notch dinner host) Too many people don’t curate their lives. @JonLevyTLB CLICK TO TWEET   *And we end up hanging out with the people closestRead More…


Smart Business Revolution Interview

089: Jon Levy | How to Throw An Influencers Dinner Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed How would you like to throw a dinner party at your house for about a dozen people and have that group include a “who’s who” of titans of Industry, Olympic athletes, CEOs, musicians and celebrities? That sounds pretty good. AND how about all of your guests are doing all the cooking and cleaning – they’re makingRead More…


Unmistakable Creative Interview

Bringing Together The Most Influential People in Our Culture Play on The Unmistakable Creative website What started out as Jon Levy’s social experiment to bring together the most influential people in our culture, evolved into Influencer Dinners, the Manhattan dinner party where deals are made. The guests have included masters of industry and finance, media tycoons, tech titans and many others. Listen in as Jon share’s his lessons in human behavior, adventure and influence. Highlights:Read More…


The Learning Leaders Show Interview

Episode 016: Jon Levy – The Influencers: How To Be A Super Connector When I was thinking of creating this podcast, Jon was the type of person I wanted to have on my show.  I learned about him after both Forbes and Business Insider wrote great articles about his “Influencer Dinners.”  I was fascinated to hear about these dinners and many more stories from Jon during our time speaking together. This is a great episodeRead More…


Shoptalk Radio Interview

EPISODE 37 “The areas of life that we tend to want to impact the most are the ones we are the least willing to talk about.” We are consistently affected by the relationships we have and the people we surround ourselves with. But this can be taken to another level, where you can truly curate the people around you. Jon Levy does just that. The creator of the Influencers Dinner decided to surround himself withRead More…


Art of Charm Interview

Art of Charm Episode 351 Create your own influential network. “Just start something. Test something out; let it fail and let it fail often.”-Jon Levy The Cheat Sheet: The statistical impact your friendships have on you. What are the two types of epidemics? The ninja strategy for following up by email. How to invite people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Why people like you even more if you ask them for a favor. AndRead More…