PopTech Talk: Jon Presents The Story of Elsa & The EPIC Model of Adventure

The science of adventure Most think life’s adventures occur at random – unexpected opportunities that simply present themselves. But the truth is adventures do not happen by chance. There is a method to the madness. Human behavior scientist Jon Levy shares his research and personal experiences on the road to adventure and reveals that life’s greatest gifts are born from our willingness to be uncomfortable.   To read more great tales, tips and tricks andRead More…


NION Radio Interview: 4 Ingredients to Create a Successful Adventure

Today on the show I’m talking to returning guest Jon Levy, who has just come out with a book about the science of adventure. Last time Jon was on the show we talked about his influencer dinners, and how to bring people together. This time, we’re talking about something completely different: the science of adventure. Being an adventurer myself, I love this subject, and Jon has some great stories to share from his travels aroundRead More…


Huffington Post Article by Jon: How To Escape America And Live An Exciting Life If Your Candidate Loses: The Definitive Guide

For months, I have heard rational people say that if Trump/Clinton becomes president, they will flee this country rather than be under tyrannical rule. It has even gotten so serious that Cape Breton, an island in Nova Scotia, Canada, has an entire campaign that welcomes Americans that refuse to live in a Donald Trump America. Let’s face facts, you can’t just flee with no plan. If you are going to leave, at least make sureRead More…


John Livesay Podcast: The 2AM Principle – Interview with Jon Levy

Hello and welcome to The Successful Pitch podcast. I am very excited to have Jon Levy on today because Jon is the author of The 2AM Principle. He is literally a human behavior scientist, a consultant and keynote speaker. He’s the expert on influence, networking, and most importantly for me, adventure. That’s the element that people don’t usually have I their lives, let alone in his business. For full episode click here.


New York Post Article : Meet the ex-nerd who invites total strangers to dinner

How does one prepare for life as a pal to the rich, famous and influential? For Jon Levy, it was the indignity of being the least popular kid in his junior high school class.“Nobody wanted to sit next to me,” said Levy, 36, who attended Abraham Joshua Heschel School on the Upper West Side. “I was into computers and comic books at a time when it was not cool. But I also had a willingnessRead More…


Inside Hook Interview: The Most Epic Night of Your Life Starts Here

You’ve heard a lot of half-truths and outright lies this season. So as you head out tonight for some well-deserved fun, let’s examine another one: “Nothing good happens after 2 a.m.” Wrong. In fact, exceptional things happen after 2 a.m. That’s the premise of The 2 A.M. Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure, a new book by Jon Levy that guides you toward a more exotic life. Read the full story here.