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This week we’re talking to Jon Levy. He’s a human behaviour scientist that runs with the bulls in Pamplona, battles Kiefer Sutherland in Jenga, and crashes million-dollar weddings. How does he do it and why? The E.P.I.C. Model of Adventure from his new book (The 2AM Principle), a breakthrough four-step process (Establish, Push Boundaries, Increase, Continue) for cultivating more adventure in your life, from picking the right team, to choosing the right mission, and taking
Daniel’s guest, Jon Levy spends most of his life convincing people to cook him dinner. Or, that’s how he explains his life’s work. Jon has recently merged his scientific research with his human experiences in a new book, The 2 AM Principle: The Science of Adventure. In the book, he breaks down his adventures into four stages and promotes others to take predictable risks. The conversation in today’s podcast also touches on why networking is a
Hello, Crave Bears! I awoke this morning feeling a bit angry. It has taken me all day to come up with words to open this week’s show. I voted for Hillary. I voted for a more open, inclusive, just society, against fear, hate, anger, normalised abuse and sexism, and I voted against Trump.  We wonder why more women who have been sexually abused don’t come forward? It’s because an abuser can become the President. Unless
Helping people without expecting anything in return is the best business model for life. And today’s guest, Jon Levy, practices that mantra. He has a new book out called, The 2 am Principle. For full episode click here.  
Here’s a question for you: Have you ever stayed up past 2 am and had one of the most memorable and fun nights of your life? My friend and human behavior scientist Jon Levy has a theory about this. In fact, he just wrote a book about it. Jon has spent his career (and personal life as an adult) studying and experimenting with what creates connection and adventure between humans. For full episode click here.
Webster defines adventure as “an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks.” Depending on who you are, this is either something you eagerly seek out or try to avoid. But is an adventure a matter of serendipitous chance, or is it a calculated endeavor? For full episode click here.
Hello and welcome to The Successful Pitch podcast. I am very excited to have Jon Levy on today because Jon is the author of The 2AM Principle. He is literally a human behavior scientist, a consultant and keynote speaker. He’s the expert on influence, networking, and most importantly for me, adventure. That’s the element that people don’t usually have I their lives, let alone in his business. For full episode click here.
Jon Levy is one of the most popular names in New York City — or, at least, according to the Jon Levy currently introducing himself to a stranger at a Halloween warehouse party in Los Angeles. Also, Levy says, statistically speaking, all Jon Levys in New York are pretty much the same person. He would know; he’s a scientist of human behaviour. Read the full article here.