Each episode hear from two thought leaders, taste makers, and influencers that are redefining their industry on what lead to their success and how you can increase yours. But there is a catch, the second interview is anonymous, and if you can figure out who they are before the release of the next episode, you can enter for a chance to win a coveted invitation The Salon (As seen in: Business Insider).

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TIP 44 | Truth About Diet
Welcome to Influencers! Dr. Dean Ornish has dedicated his life to improving our health and wellness. With years of research, publications, and health programs, he has discovered several clear rules on how to stay healthy.   1511
TIP 043 | The Daily Show
Welcome to Influencers! Entertainment is a harrowing industry full of ups and downs, but how does someone go from Law to being on one of the most respected shows in comedy. Hear the incredible story of The Daily Show’s Ronnie Chieng.   1499
TIP 042 | Ready Player One
Welcome to Influencers! Zak Penn is the mind behind some of the most popular screen plays of the past decade and a half, from creating the story of Marvel’s Avengers to shaping the X-Men cinematic universe. Now he tackles one of the most ambitious films of our time, Ready Player One.   1483
TIP 41 | Laughter
Welcome to Influencers! Dr. Patch Adams may have solved many of the critical problems in the medical industry, but if people don’t notice, these insights may be lost and countless will go without care.   1470
TIP 040 | Inevitable Man
Welcome to Influencers! Kevin Kelly is one of the great tech thinkers of our time. He was the founding executive editor of Wired and the author of the hit book The Inevitable. Whatever the future holds, he may be able to tell us.   1446
TIP 039 | Art of Design
Welcome to Influencers! Mike Farah is at the helm of one of the most important companies in comedy. Some of the most famous comedians in the world have graced their content, but in a world where the playing field is changing constantly how do you continue to grow your company?   1434
TIP 038 | Privilege of Family
Welcome to Influencers! Rita Soronen and her team at the Dave Thomas Foundation, have dedicated thier lives to helping orphans find safe and loving families. The impact of thier research and work, have helped countless families come together.   1423
TIP 037 | How the Brain Works
Welcome to Influencers! During improvisation or spontaneous creativity, the brain enters a state of being completely intertwined with the activity, be it painting landscapes, playing jazz or freestyle rapping. This is called the Flow state, a unique pattern of how the brain works that cognitive neuroscientist and professor of psychiatry Dr. Heather Berlin has been studying. In this state, creativity is flowing through a person and so a sense of self, time and place is
TIP 036 | Hero Of Countless
Welcome to Influencers! Katie Ford left the helm of Ford Models, one of the global premire modeling agencies, to presue something that would have a profound impact to countless people world wide, the end of human trafficking.   1397
TIP 035 | Going Boldly
Welcome to Influencers! Robert Picardo has played many iconic characters over the years from his time in theater to his role as the ship’s doctor in Star Trek Voyager. But what may be most exciting is what lies ahead.   1386