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TIP 54 | Independent Films
Welcome to Influencers! The big rise of independent cinema occurred right in the 80s era. The 90s was when things shifted, and there were uncertain transitions happening. The studio still dominated every conversation about movies and the future of the film industry, but it was towards the end of that decade that the rise of independent films occurred. Noah Cowan, executive director of SF Film, formerly San Francisco Film Society, puts on the San Francisco
TIP 53 | Visual Effects
Welcome to Influencers! From Apollo 13 to Avatar, Hugo, The Jungle Book, and the iconic Titanic, Rob Legato has worked on some of the biggest and most memorable movies of all time either as visual effects supervisor, second unit director, and second unit director of photography. He has been nominated for numerous awards, including the coveted Academy Awards of which he won three. Rob talks about how he started out in the business and how
TIP 52 | Endangered Species Rehabilitation Project
Welcome to Influencers! A new species of bird was discovered in Hawaii in 1978, only to get extinct ten years ago. Year after year, the list of endangered animal species is getting longer, and that is why Director of Conservation Genetics at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research Oliver Ryder is working hard on the endangered species rehabilitation project, or what is simply called the frozen zoo. Oliver and his team collect cells
TIP 051 | Gaming Space
Welcome to Influencers! Almost everybody is a gamer under a certain age in some respect. Elements of gaming are now part of our everyday life and it is now a pervasive as part of our culture. Mike Sepso, Co-Founder of Major League Gaming and Senior Vice President at Activision Blizzard, says our concept of what gaming is has to widen a great deal because the whole gaming space is going to get much bigger and
TIP 50 | Women’s Wrestling
Welcome to Influencers! Helen Maroulis is the 2016 Olympic Champion in Women’s Wrestling. Not only that, she’s the first woman in US history to win a gold medal. Helen has been wrestling for nineteen years and says it’s such a cool experience and everyone has been supportive. She adds that when we love what we do, we will put in the work for it and don’t count the cost as much. Helen trains with a
TIP 049 | Angiogenesis
Welcome to Influencers! They say our blood is the red river of life. Many of us may not know it but our blood vessel is a 60,000-mile system of channels that deliver oxygen and nutrients to every cell in our body. It’s connected to our immune system, our healthy gut bacteria, how our DNA behaves, and even our body’s ability to regenerate. Dr. Will Li heads the non-profit organization, The Angiogenesis Foundation, in the exploration
TIP 048 | Inventing and Applying Technology
Welcome to Influencers! Reese Jones’ incredible mind has always been concerned about inventing and applying technology to solve problems. He is one of the Associate Founders of Singularity University which defines problems as something that positively affects a billion people within a ten-year timeframe. The main feature of Singularity University is that it allows the material that is taught to be changed in real time and the curriculum to be changed daily to stay current
TIP 047 | Real News
Welcome to Influencers! Being Deputy Editor of Newsweek, Ross Schneiderman constantly feels the pressure and responsibility to put out real news. Other than working at Newsweek, Ross worked as a journalist in Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and ESPN Magazine. He’s had a longstanding career in journalism and has covered everything from doping in baseball to spies to poker. With the virulence of fake news in this digital time and age, Ross stresses the secret
TIP 46 | Social Media Influencer
Welcome to Influencers! How a calculous geek with a full engineering schoolarship dropped out of college to become one of the most popular Internet personalities in history.   1547
TIP 45 | You Everywhere Now
Welcome to Influencers! Mike Koenigs has cracked the code to publishing success, public speaking and producing your own products. In the process he created hundreds of best sellers, discover is proven method.   1528