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BulletProof Podcast: Using Behavioral Science To Become Successful – Jon Levy

Success isn’t pure chance or blind luck, it’s a science. Behavioral scientist and world adventurer, Jon Levy, reveals the characteristics, habits, and mindset of the most successful people on the planet. Jon’s groundbreaking book, The 2 AM Principle, combines neuroscience, psychology, economics theory, and biology to help people break through their self-imposed barriers and self-sabotaging behavior to lead a life of success, adventure, and danger. Listen to podcast here


Entrepreneur Podcast: Behavioral Scientist Jon Levy Talks Adventure and the Winner Effect

Behavioral scientist and expert on adventure Jon Levy knows what makes Spartans tick. He wrote a book about it — The 2AM Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure.  A big reason why people undertake challenges outside their comfort zone is to reach flow state, a zen-like sense of timelessness, total absorption in an activity and sense of mastery. The IKEA effect, loving an activity according to the amount of effort you invested in it, also explains howRead More…


Spoon University Article: Flavor Tripping Is the Craziest Experience Your Tastebuds Will Ever Have

I have traveled the world for the better part of a decade exploring what causes people to live exciting and fulfilling lives. My new book The 2 AM Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure covers many of my discoveries by combining scientific research with outlandish stories (Getting crushed by a bull in Running of the Bulls, battling Kiefer Sutherland in drunken Jenga, etc.). One of the most unique experiences I found that you can afford even onRead More…


Jeremy Ryan Slate Podcast: Adventure and the Science of Influence — Jon Levy

Jon Levy is a behavioral scientist best known for his work in Influence, networking, and adventure. He is the author of The 2 AM Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure, and the Founder of The Influencers Dinner, a secret dining experience that has been attend by hundreds of industry leaders including Nobel laureates, Olympians, celebrities, executives, royalty, and more. Listen to podcast here


Live to Grind Podcast: The Psychology of Connecting with Mega Influencers with Jon Levy

World traveller and behavioral scientist brings huge influencers together for dinner… but here’s the catch… they aren’t allowed to say their last name or what they do until the end. Now, you can hear the keys to connecting with Nobel laureates, Olympic athletes, and heads of industry from the man behind it all, Jon Levy. This episode is packed with actionable advice and fascinating stories! Listen to podcast here


SpoonUniversity Article: 3 Meals You Can Make for Any Dinner Party

Whether you are hosting a small dinner for five friends or a party for 50 people, choosing what meals to serve can seem like an incredible challenge. What foods will everybody enjoy? Which will fit into your budget? As the author of The 2AM Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure and founder of the Influencers Dinner, I have hosted over 900 people, ranging from famous actors and musicians to Olympians and members of royalty. ReadRead More…