POPSUGAR Article: 3 Major Mistakes That Will Ruin Any Birthday Party

Your birthday is the one day that you get a no-judgment pass to feel special and be celebrated just for being born. But if you’re throwing yourself a party, make sure you do it the right way. As host of the Influencers Dinner — a private dining experience attended by hundreds of industry leaders, ranging from Academy Award-winning actors and famous musicians to renowned scientists and royalty — I’ve learned what makes a great party.Read More…


Knowledge For Men Podcast: Jon Levy: Discovering the Art of Influence and Adventure

Jon Levy is a human behavior scientist who has started several companies and traveled the globe collecting bold and eccentric experiences that at times seem stranger than fiction. He recently chronicled his (mis)adventures and behavioral studies in his book The 2 a.m. Principle where he teaches readers how to engineer epic nights and breathtaking adventures (all according to science). Listen to podcast here


POPSUGAR Article: 5 Secrets For Living an Exciting Life, From an Adventure Scientist

Believe me, it is possible to create your own adventures in life. But having adventures isn’t limited to vacations or special occasions. How you design your life and who you surround yourself with can greatly impact your ability to break out of your comfort zone and live an exciting life. My research and wild stories are shared fully in my book, The 2AM Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure. WARNING: Reading it will change everythingRead More…


POPSUGAR Article: How to Plan an Awesomely Unforgettable Date

You finally worked up the courage to ask out that cute guy from the gym or that girl in the coffee shop, but an ordinary night out just won’t do. Dinner always feels like an interview, and drinks lead to the same monotonous conversations. You want to do something that will be fun even if your date is boring. So what do you do? The answer is simple: don’t play by conventional rules of dating.Read More…


Entrepreneur Article: Build the Network Necessary for Your Startup to Succeed

Having worked at startups for more than a decade, it has become clear that the defining characteristic of success is who you know. How much do those individuals trust and respect you and how much access do you have to them? As a human behavior scientist, I’ve spent years studying what causes people to connect and I have personally tested the research. These simple tips will accelerate the growth of your network by five orRead More…


Bemy Travel Muse Article: The Science Behind Why We Love to Travel

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as he spoke. I could feel my heart rate increase slightly as the excitement coursed through me at this discovery of why travel is so addictive. I’d always known that newness – new places, the anxious anticipation of stepping off an airplane in a faraway land, the novelty of trying a new food, and the humbling feeling of discovering a new culture – gave me aRead More…


Thrive Global Article: Why I’ve Dedicated My Life to Adventure

The discovery left me in shock and broke my heart. That morning, my 8th grade teacher walked into class, threw out our seating chart, and told us to privately submit the names of two people that we didn’t want to sit beside. Later that day, I discovered none of the students wanted to sit with me. I had two options: either be relegated to living as a social outcast or make some changes. Inspired byRead More…