Fortune Article: What the Polar Plunge and Running of the Bulls Taught Me About Success

The more diverse your experiences, the more original you’ll be. July 7, 2013: Pamplona, Spain: A bull entering the stadium after the Running of the Bulls misses its jump and crushes me.I think I’ve been paralyzed. Fortunately, after six months of agonizing physical therapy, I’m left with only mild back pain. December 17, 2015: It’s zero degrees and I’m running down a rocky beach, throwing myself headfirst into the waters of Antarctica in an attemptRead More…


Thought Catalog Article : Why The Craziest Things Happen When Someone You Care About Really Needs You

I have spent the better part of a decade traveling the world to understand one thing: What causes us to live exciting and fun lives? In the process, I discovered The EPIC Model of Adventure, a four-stage process every adventurer goes through. In my new book, The 2 AM Principle: Discover The Science of Adventure, I combine scientific research on human behavior with outrageous stories (getting crushed by a Bull at Pamplona’s Running of theRead More…



Whether you’re on vacation, at a concert, a fancy restaurant or it’s just another Tuesday at the office, every betch wants to live a life that is Instagram-worthy. But we all know that person that feels the need to post the stupidest shit. We get it, everybody likes the pumpkin spice latte. We don’t need 5 posts of you and your bae. Read the full article here.  


15 questions with Jon Levy

Crushed by a bull in Pamplona? This 36-year-old behavioral scientist and entrepreneur truly lives life to the limit. Get to know him better: via CNNTech There’s rarely a dull moment in Jon Levy’s life. But that’s largely by his own design. The 36-year-old entrepreneur is a behavioral scientist, focusing on understanding human influence and adventure. Seven years ago, he started an underground community called The Influencers, hosting small private dinners where guests cook and eatRead More…